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Best Cross-Play Games For You (2022)

28 Apr 2022, 21:17 GMT+10

Multiplayer games have continued to expand and prosper in the gaming community over several years. Earlier, playing with friends who purchased a specific game on multiple platforms used to be impossible. Crossplay capabilities are beginning to become the new standard for new releases.

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This function is only available in a restricted number of games. Because the PC version is on a different build, Rust only allows cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation.

Best Cross-Play Games

In 2022, these are the top multiplayer games that support cross-play.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft has been relevant for more than a decade, and it is the undisputed king of crossplay. The game is available on 16 different platforms and supports cross-platform play.

Minecraft can operate on practically any platform and provides unprecedented creative flexibility. It has also seen a slew of successful initiatives come to fruition, such as the recent Squid Game-inspired tournament, which attracted 150 competitors, many of whom were top-tier broadcasters and content makers.

Minecraft can be played on any platform and allows you to play with other people on other platforms. The sole need is that both players use the same Minecraft version. In addition, gamers must possess both the Bedrock edition and Java.

  • Apex Legends

Apex Legends debuted in 2019. The game's release surprised most in the industry, and many began referring to it as the 'Fortnite killer.'

Apex Legends has evolved and matured into one of the most popular multiplayer games. Although it did not completely dethrone Fortnite, Apex Legends has earned its place at the top as one of the finest battle royale games in history.

Because the game is so focused on team play, it seems only natural that it would include a crossplay component.

Apex Legends supports cross-platform play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, Apex Legends' crossplay functionality is also compatible with the game's mobile edition in certain regions.

  • Call of Duty: Warzone

The importance of Call of Duty as one of the primary foundations of the FPS genre is undeniable. When this game was published in the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, Warzone quickly became one of the most popular multiplayer games available.

Warzone is one of the few games in recent years to have had a crossplay function from the start, allowing for improved matching and allowing players to compete with friends regardless of platform.

Crossplay is available in Call of Duty: Warzone for PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox.

  • Fortnite

It is barely required to discuss Fortnite's significance in 2022. For the last several years, this game has dominated the battle royale landscape and continues to do so as creators continue to explore new ways to merge popular culture into the world of

Fortnite frequently results in a degree of worldwide media attention that few games can match.

Fortnite benefited greatly from implementing this functionality in terms of cross-play features. Fortnite supports cross-platform play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

Due to the current legal struggle between Epic and Apple, the only platforms where this functionality does not apply are iOS devices.

  • Rocket League

Rocket League was introduced more than six years ago and has since grown and remained one of the top esports games in the world.

Aside from the unique experience, Rocket League's makers included crossplay as a default feature in all devices like PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. It means users can combat regardless of which device they play.

Bottom Line

Games are great for mental health. The pitfall is the higher prices of games as well as their devices. With cross-platform games, you have the perks of playing your favorite games without spending deep pockets on device upgradation.

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