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There are many ways to generate electricity. Steam turbines are one of the earlier ways of generating electricity. But sometimes, these engines can get problematic and create issues with the components. Hence to make things easier, here are some common problems and solutions that will help your machine function at its optimum.

Importance of steam turbines

Steam turbines have been around the world for a long time. Charles Parsons invented it in the year 1884. Ever since, the scenario of generating electricity has changed. Steam turbines repairs extract thermal energy. Since energy is convertible, it transforms heat energy into mechanical energy and then electrical energy through generators. The components are important factors that keep the machine moving. Hence regular maintenance is important, along with routine inspection.

Common problems and solutions that occur in steam turbines

Humans are machines who need maintenance and regular checkups. Sometimes they can get sick, and the case is similar to the devices as well. Sometimes the components of the steam turbines have problems that reduce the efficiency of the turbines. Hence we are here with some of the common issues and solutions that will help you keep your machine up to date.

Problems Blade damage

The blades are an important part of the steam turbine. It is the primary component that converts heat energy to mechanical energy. These blades are keener towards getting damaged when they are in function. The steam passes through the edges, and they are constantly moving. Thus they are subjected to heavy pressure and heat, which can be a major cause for the damage of the blades. Moreover, the turbine in operation is constantly vibrating; therefore, that can also ruin the blades.

Turbine water shock

The change in energy is brought to you by the change in temperature. When the temperature suddenly drops, the gaseous form of water changes into a liquid form. This creates a huge impact for the worse. The water usually hits through the pipe from the flange, speed control door, etc. This makes an odd sound in the turbine and also causes the turbine to not function at its optimum.

Turbine shaft bending

The turbine functions on a lot of repeated cycles which makes it subjected to constant high temperatures. When the temperature goes above 1300 degrees Celsius, the output becomes limited. This causes the efficiency to be reduced since the machine will overheat. This also causes compressive stress which causes deformation occurs in the shaft. This also causes a hot bending in the large shaft if it does not coincide with the rotor direction. This bending is capable of causing hazards when the machine is in working at full speed.

Vibration damage

When the machine is in function, it vibrates constantly. The more common problem with vibration is the amplitude and the inability to control it. Should the vibration occur for too long and is too high, the bearing housing would be extremely damaged. Vibration can cause damage to the internal components of the steam turbines.

Solutions The blade problem

When you are the operator of a steam turbine, you need to keep a close look at the blade position. It is important to know the degree of the blades, which includes the dynamic or a static blade. Additionally, you also need to check up on the amount of time you keep the engine running. Make sure that you have a better quality of the blades and their welding process.

Amplitude problem

This is related to the vibration problem of the steam engines. A lot of vibration can cause a lot of damage to the internal organs of the machine. Make sure that the blades are inspected and repaired every time you see something wrong. Moreover, you can add lubricating oil to the bolts and nuts; This will prevent them from falling and thus reduce the amplitude of the vibrations.

Cleaning and maintenance

An important part of working a steam turbine to its optimum level is maintenance. Cleaning parts of a steam turbine and making sure everything is lubricated is important. This way, you can check up on the machine and make a quick inspection. Check up on the pipeline, the turbine shaft, and the blades. But you also have to be careful as a leak can cause a fire in the system; hence you need to check that out.


In conclusion, there are always problems, and there are always solutions to those problems. Moreover, you should conduct maintenance and inspection of the steam turbines. Steam turbines have been improving with new technology in their systems. Therefore, you should bring in professionals to perform regular fixes.

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